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Representative of Finland in Eurovision 2007: Matti Nykänen

My one day-summer holiday in Rovaniemi was quite succesfull.
Cafe Kauppayhtiö provided an good environment for the decision over Finlands representative for Eurovision song contest next year.

The solution is obvious. Matti Nykänen is by far best known finn, he has a prominent singer/songwriter career, has lot of international experience and persistent background-dancer.

The only problem is that he's in jail, but as we finnish turned our war compensations to victory, we can do the same in here. You remember those video clips which are shown before the performances? -We could do such, on the journey from the jail. -We could even put the choir of polices to do the choruses behing Mervi, just in case ;)

And if there is any correlation between the succes in the competition and the worriedness of elderly people like this year with Lordi. -We're sure to win!!

Thanks; Elisa, Ennu & Tuomas

*Praise the Lordi*

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