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Art critics

In the optimal situation art critics open up the backgrounds of the piece and the artist for the simple minded viewer. Sometimes they go deeper into the art than the artist would have ever anticipated. Sometimes they just tell a story of critics own life - or how limited it is.

As an example you can see below a part of Lost in Yellow by Nina Roos and a caption of introduction by Pia Timberg. Both loaned without permission, in the name of art criticism.

The installation concists of three oil paintings made on polycarbonate plates. All three plates present a yellow silhuet female figure. Figure is leaning forward, like out of the painting. There is also something weird in the figure. Behind the figure to both sides, there is paddle like forms sticking out and the figure seems to be holding some kind of sticks in her hands. Her ball shaped wide skirt makes annotations to past. To the time already lost, but still present in the form of this painting.

I might be biased to study this piece, but as I could easily spot the brand label from the "skirt" I first got interested is the bike Honda or Kawasaki and secondary what was the painting all about. But i have to recon, I just couldn't get past this critic to really think about it..

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