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Airport security checks

This morning I managed myself through security check really fast. There has been times that it takes several minutes with all the gear. Somehow I would feel it less invading if there was a line for naked passangers and another for the gear and clothes.
This morning I dropped some coins below the conveyor. It reminded me a lot how harsh Finland can be for foreigners. Nobody moved to help in a situation which was basicly caused by 'service provider'.
I still remember how they handled the situation in Osaka airport security check when I forgot that I was using metal enforced shoes: They really made me feel it wasn't my fault. They offered me a pair of slippers on a plate and were quite sorry that they needed to scan my shoes. It made me laugh, but since - finnish security check has seriously lacked some service attitude.

The small plastic bags seem to be also really Required. The point is that people want to bag their liquids, and staff want's to see them. -So if I have a single bottle of liquid, why is it nescessary to bag that into a plastic bag? -That's regular stuff too..

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