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Marketing stickers and protective films

I'll make a list, in a same way as listeners do in YleX's morning show. Not that I'm going to listen it so much anymore. -I really can't listen much more Maria Hintikka's comments where she tends to have knowledge, but sadly doesn't..

Anyway, in the centre of Kamppi mall I saw a piece of restaurant equipment still protecting film over it's sheetmetal back, which faced conveniently to the window. -This reminded me of some other cases where cover materials hurt your eye:

4) So .. sheet metal parts still having the protective film on. (Whos job, manufacturer, installation or user?)

3) Stickers on electronic equipment placed in a marketing purpose. People tend to think them as a part of the product.! (I even remove the 'i'-labels from Iittala glassware. In case of 'i-lasi'-serie, I wouldn't. The design Included the stickers)

2) Protective film on mobile phones displays. (The film is there to keep the glass clear for the user. People seem to be more interested in the resale value than good visibility)

1) But the following can only happen in Laihia -the stingiest place in Finland- where I come from.
It was 20 years ago, when the size of your farm was determined which Toyota model you bought from Rinta-Jouppi, which still is a Major car dealer around there.
My friends dad bought them "a little bigger" model for their family. And they drowe years with the plastics still attached on the side panels (doors)...

-No wonder this is such a issue for me ;D

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